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63,90 EUR*
Details Introduction to IP Address Management (IEEE Press Series on Network Management)

Introduction to IP Address Management A step-by-step guide to managing critical technologies of today's converged services IP networks Effective IP Address Management (IPAM) has become crucial to maintaining high-performing IP services such as data ...

160,45 EUR*
Details Resource Management for Distributed Multimedia Systems

Resource Management for Distributed Multimedia Systems Resource Management for Distributed Multimedia Systems addresses the problems and challenges of handling several continuous- media data streams in networked multimedia environments. The work ...

65,90 EUR*
Details The New Strategic Management: Organization, Competition, and Competence

The first full examination of the competence perspective. Addresses contemporary organizational and competitive issues. Offers well-defined, carefully interrelated and fundamental strategic management concepts.

85,95 EUR*
Details Critical Care Management of the Obese Patient

This book provides health professionals with sound clinical advice on management of the obese patient admitted into hospital. It addresses all aspects of the patient's care, as well as serving as a resource to facilitate the management of services ...

128,22 EUR*
Details Waste Management Practices: Municipal, Hazardous, and Industrial

Waste Management Practices: Municipal, Hazardous, and Industrial, Second Edition addresses the three main categories of wastes (hazardous, municipal, and "special" wastes) covered under federal regulation outlined in the Resource Conservation and ...

84,28 EUR*
Details Advanced Safety Management Focusing on Z10 and Serious Injury Prevention

Advanced Safety Management Focusing on Z10 and Serious Injury Prevention Learn how to improve the effectiveness of safety and health management systems by adopting ANSI Z10 provisions and avoid serious workplace injuries. This reference addresses ...

39,05 EUR*
Details Mastering the Leadership Role in Project Management: Practices That Deliver Remarkable Results (Ft Press Operations Management)

In this book, project management expert Dr. Alexander Laufer leads an all-star team of practitioners and thought leaders in presenting a powerful project leadership framework. Laufer,s framework addresses the toughest challenges of new product ...

29,99 EUR*
Details Basics Fashion Management 02: Fashion Promotion: Building a Brand Through Marketing and Communication

Basics Fashion Management 02: Fashion Promotion Provides visual arts students with a theoretical and practical exploration of each of the fundamental topics within the discipline of Fashion Management. This title addresses the ways in which brands ...

48,21 EUR*
Details On-Demand Supply Management: World Class Strategies, Practices, and Technology

On-demand Supply Management Provides advice on enabling the faster adoption of the right strategies, processes and tools, and best practices. This guide also addresses the practical issues surrounding implementation, from planning to training and ...

47,00 EUR*
Details Organizational Identity: A Reader (Oxford Management Readers)

Organizational Identity presents the classic works on organizational identity alongside more current thinking on the issues. Ranging from theoretical contributions to empirical studies, the readings in this volume address the key issues of ...

106,99 EUR*
Details Access Control Systems: Security, Identity Management and Trust Models

Access Control Systems Suitable for professionals and advanced students in security programming and system design, this title introduces the foundations of programming systems security and the theory behind access control models, and addresses ...

30,98 EUR*
Details Management Accounting Official Terminology (CIMA Official Learning System)

The ever-evolving nature of accountant and emphasis on professional accountability means that all business professionals need to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest developments. This latest revision of "CIMA's Official Terminology" addresses ...

234,33 EUR*
Details Traffic and QoS Management in Wireless Multimedia Networks: COST 290 Final Report (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering)

Traffic and QoS Management in Wireless Multimedia Networks Presents the scientific contributions of the European COST 290 project. This book addresses traffic and QoS in wireless networks from a range of perspectives, including electrical engineering ...

74,49 EUR*
Details Diversity and Social Justice in College Sports: Sport Management and the Student Athlete

Each of the well-researched chapters in this comprehensive volume makes a singular contribution to understanding the complexities of diversity and social justice in college sports. Chapters are grouped into sections that address major components ...

245,03 EUR*
Details Pain Management and Anesthesiology: Papers presented at the 43rd Annual Postgraduate Course in Anesthesiology, February 1998 (Developments in Critical Care Medicine and Anaesthesiology)

Pain Management and Anesthesiology contains the presentations made at the 43rd Annual Postgraduate Course in Anesthesiology sponsored by the University of Utah and held at Snowbird, Utah, USA, February 20-24, 1998. This volume addresses recent ...

123,36 EUR*
Details A Dual Approach to Ocean Governance: The Cases of Zonal and Integrated Management in International Law of the Sea (Ashgate International Law)

Taking the North-East Atlantic ocean as an example of regional practice, this book addresses the dual approach to ocean governance in international law. It examines the interaction between zonal and integrated management approaches and the ...

25,09 EUR*
Details Creating the Multicultural Organization: A Strategy for Capturing the Power of Diversity (University of Michigan Business School Management Series)

Creating the Multicultural Organization The author applies his original approach in studies of real-life Fortune 500 companies, showing how organizations effectively address diversity issues. He details the forces that drive the diversity challenge ...

44,19 EUR*
Details Children, Obesity And Exercise: Prevention, Treatment and Management of Childhood and Adolescent Obesity (International Studies in Physical Education and Youth Sport)

Children, Obesity and Exercise Provides sport, exercise and medicine students and professionals with a practical guide to understanding and managing childhood and adolescent obesity. This book addresses the need for authoritative advice and innovative ...

198,55 EUR*
Details Mycorrhizal Biology

Mycorrhizal Biology Addresses the global problem of land degradation and the associated loss of soil productivity and decline in soil quality caused by exploitative farming practices and poor management in developing countries, and the far reaching ...

22,00 EUR*
Details Emergency War Surgery (Third Edition)

This is the official, comprehensive and widely used United States Army "Emergency War Surgery" handbook. Addresses the appropriate medical management of both battle and nonbattle injuries. Written by by subspecialty experts, this latest revision ...

153,65 EUR*
Details Information Retrieval and Hypertext (Electronic Publishing Series)

Information Retrieval and Hypertext Information Retrieval (IR) has concentrated on the development of information management systems to support user retrieval from large collections of homogeneous textual material. This title addresses the confluence ...

30,99 EUR*
Details Extended-Matching Questions for Finals

Extended-Matching Questions for Finals Provides a format for the assessment of medical students. This work includes questions which address a theme that may be a symptom, sign, investigation, diagnosis or a management decision, and the stems which are ...

22,95 EUR*
Details MORE Creative Interventions for Troubled Children and Youth

MORE Creative Interventions for Troubled Children and Youth Features creative interventions to engage children, youth, and families in counselling and help them address issues such as feelings identification, anger management, social skills, and self ...

223,63 EUR*
Details Multiaccess, Mobility and Teletraffic for Wireless Communications: Volume 3

Multiaccess, Mobility and Teletraffic for Wireless Communications: Volume 3 To ensure proper network design and engineering, designers of wireless networks need to understand and address issues such as radio propagation, antenna, interface management ...

27,60 EUR*
Details Pandemics and the Media (Global Crises and the Media)

Offering a comprehensive analysis of mediated representations of global pandemics, this book engages with the construction, management, and classification of difference in the global context of a pandemic, to address what it means - culturally ...

36,43 EUR*
Details SharePoint 2010 Six-in-One (Wrox Programmer to Programmer)

SharePoint 2010 Six-in-One A team of SharePoint authorities addresses the six most essential areas of SharePoint 2010 SharePoint enables Web sites to host shared workspaces and is a leading solution for Enterprise Content Management. Full description

153,99 EUR*
Details After the Event: From Accident to Organisational Learning

After the Event Addresses the subject of event analysis and the learning organisation in context to safety management systems. This book shows how to manage various responses to an accident, how to collect and analyse data to derive the lessons, and ...

80,49 EUR*
Details Global Information Society: Operating Information Systems in a Dynamic Global Business Environment

Global Information Society Global Information Society: Operating Information Systems in a Dynamic Global Business Environment addresses the importance of information technology management and issues in operating information systems in the global ...

12,99 EUR*
Details Organize Your ADD/ADHD Child: A Practical Guide for Parents

Living with AD/HD can be hectic, and parents of children with this disorder can be driven to distraction when even the simplest of tasks causes havoc. This book addresses the issues of organization and time management in relation to AD/HD, suggesting ...